The Hitchings Household

This is me - Kevin Hitchings - it was a really nice day on the golf course that day as I remember! What do I say about myself? I worked for a small computer company (!!) called IBM for 33 years in various guises - Systems Programmer, Performance Analyst and was a Technical Writer for a period for the MOD after I left IBM. What does that mean I hear you ask? Well, we wrote those unreadable technical manuals that are supplied with the various software packages that are developed within the Laboratory where I worked. Truth be told, I hope they are NOT unreadable as we tried our very best to make them intelligible!

What about hobbies? The picture above will show that I spend some time outdoors - golf, sailing and cruises are my main hobbies. Given a choice I would be on the golf course every day! I play at Royal Winchester Golf Club off 10.5 handicap (returning lower soon I hope!!). Check out the course at their home site ( it is a lovely course! Last year Barbara and I went on a dream cruise through the Panama Canal - a trip I'd recommend to everyone!

Barbara, my wife is a Care Assistant at Sarum Road Private Hospital - she's been there since the days of the Ark I think - but she really enjoys her work.

My son, David, is currently at Coventry University taking a degree course in drinking and womanising. I think he might do a little 'proper' work at odd times.

My Daughter, Becci, lives in Aylesbury with her fiance, Matt. They are expecting to get married in 2014 (hopefully at Hursley Church where she was christened). More on that as we get the information! Becci loves cats - visit her web site to see more by clicking here.